Intimacy 101

intimateCloseness, familiarity, warmth, affection…

Those are a just few synonyms for the word “intimacy.” As I journey through my personal transformation to enlightenment I noticed that there are a lot of us walking through life not really understanding what that word truly means. Intimacy can be defined a couple of different ways. According to intimacy means “a close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person or group.”

No matter the definitions or the synonyms for intimacy we can agree that it is personal. We have our own personal meaning of intimacy. It may include all of the words, emotions I listed above, closeness, affection, familiarity, but those words are so broad that it could involve
a myriad of actions and reactions. Intimacy to me involves a physical act that causes me to react…a gentle slow stroke on my cheek with the back of your fingers is an intimate gesture to me. Depending on the person, an innocent grab of my bottom is an intimate act, a kiss, slow
dancing, holding me tight; creating a feeling of safety is the ultimate expression of intimacy, for me.

When my sister is upset I offer her a popsicle with a phrase that makes her smile, “popsicles makes everything better.” I have a lot of popsicles in my freezer. They really do make everything better. She usually gets really mad at me because I made her laugh and she was dead set on being upset. Those are our intimate moments. When I want my partner to feel appreciated I rub his feet. That small gesture, no words, lets him know I appreciate his efforts, like installing a ceiling fan, cleaning the house before I get home from work.

Closeness, familiarity, warmth, affection…Intimacy is personal. Share with your partner or sister friend an intimate gesture that you know would make their day. Let’s have a dialogue. Share some of your intimate moments to assist your sister friend’s with understanding the true
meaning of intimacy.

The next blog discussion will be “The benefits of kissing.”

About Hollie Sweat

Hollie Sweat is an intimacy consultant, sexual explorer, speaker and writer. She is dedicated to inspiring women to take control of their sensual life by loving themselves unconditionally and letting go of fruitless notions about a woman’s role in the bedroom. Intimacy begins way before you enter the bedroom. In order to reap the benefits of true intimacy women should be open to the possibility of pure ecstasy. Hollie assists women in understanding their bodies’ signals, embracing their inner goddess and living in the moment. She promotes sensual health, movement with or without a partner. The use of props is never a bad thing and intimacy products are her specialty. She believes everyone should love sensually, safely and spiritually. Feel free to visit her website for more information about her services and products

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  1. I love those moments when my “strong, silent, stoic” man talks about his fears and desires or shares a personal story with me. It feels very intimate when we are able to let down our guard and open up to each other.

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