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kiss“Before he could finish his sentence, I rose to my tippy toes, grabbed his face and kissed him feverishly, lips pressed hard; I fondled his sweet tongue with mine.”

Kissing can be so sensual, satisfying and spiritual.  Kissing is also good for your health.  Who knew?  I did some research and found that kissing lowers stress.  There is this stress hormone called cortisol, kissing decreases the release of that hormone.  Kissing also eases anxiety,  a lot like the effects of mediating.  I can see that.  Have you ever had that extraordinary kiss that left you stuck in a euphoric state, not being able to open your eyes nor talk; you see vibrant colors and shapes.  You know similar to taking mushrooms, not that I’ve ever taken mushrooms. But I’d like to think taking mushrooms is similar to a kiss that leaves you temporarily paralyzed experiencing pleasure and beauty at the same time. Who needs drugs when you can kiss?

Kissing also increases the levels of oxytocin, known as the “love hormone.” This love hormone has calming effects comparable to aromatherapy, meditation, a spa visit.  It doesn’t hurt that dopamine is also released along with oxytocin.  We could start a kissing campaign.  “Kiss for Happiness!”

Kissing improves our immunity by releasing antibodies that kill bacteria.  It also helps us prevent cavities by increasing saliva that washes our teeth and secretes natural antibiotics. Now, don’t go around kissing any ole body because of the health benefits.  A major contributor to strong relationships is kissing.  Save the teeth cleaning and sharing of natural antibiotics for your partner, promote togetherness, commitment and good health together and you are guaranteed to live longer.

I want to hear your special kissing moment.  Mine is when our eyes met and we both knew it was going to happen.  My heart was racing; he pulled me in close and held me as if I might break, our lips harmonized perfectly.  Kissing is like a misty breeze from the ocean that finds its way to your soul.  Just thinking about kissing is making me happier.

Alright ladies, share your most memorable kiss.  I dare you.

Love Sensually, Safely, Spiritually.


About Hollie Sweat

Hollie Sweat is an intimacy consultant, sexual explorer, speaker and writer. She is dedicated to inspiring women to take control of their sensual life by loving themselves unconditionally and letting go of fruitless notions about a woman’s role in the bedroom. Intimacy begins way before you enter the bedroom. In order to reap the benefits of true intimacy women should be open to the possibility of pure ecstasy. Hollie assists women in understanding their bodies’ signals, embracing their inner goddess and living in the moment. She promotes sensual health, movement with or without a partner. The use of props is never a bad thing and intimacy products are her specialty. She believes everyone should love sensually, safely and spiritually. Feel free to visit her website for more information about her services and products

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  1. It was totally unexpected, when he did it. I mean I knew we would kiss at some point that night, and I remembered how I loved his thick juicy lips, But this was 7years later… Every part of my body lit up, an inexplicable feeling of excitement and calm rushed over me, the room was spinning and I swear my feet were no longer touching the ground! He stopped and I was speechless, he searched my eyes for a second and did it again! I mumbled something incoherent and felt a smile begin to spread across my face, I was so embarrassed that all I could do was hug him and hide my face in his chest! It was thrilling, it was fun, it was five years ago and I still get goosebumps just thinking of it! (off to enjoy it again)!

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