Working Women…Ten Tricks to Getting in the Mood

libidoI have met numerous women who talk about their businesses, marketing, networking, workshops, podcasts, etc.  I can go on and on down the list.  Hang up your business woman’s hat for a second and let’s talk.  As an Intimacy Coach of course I am going to preach about how important it is to your success that you carve time into your busy schedule for intimacy.  As working women we sometimes neglect the sensual part of our essence.

We are women.  We are sexual beings. We are goddesses.  It is very important to our spirit that we do not forget that.  With that said I know we have so much on our mind and on our plate to even think about getting intimate with ourselves, no less with someone else.  No les I gathered five key tricks for you to use to “Get in the Mood.”

  1. Give your bedroom a makeover. I am often made fun of because I rearrange furniture, paintings, and drapes in my house seasonally.  I change my bedding whenever the mood hits me and I have to say, from experience, this little trick actually works.  Try changing something in your bedroom and see what happens.
  1. Healthy aphrodisiac.  Eat a fruit salad filled with kiwi, mangos, bananas, and pomegranates.  Kiwis and mangos are high in vitamin E.  Bananas are high in potassium, and pomegranates are high antioxidants.  With this mix of blood flow increase, muscle strength and antioxidants you are guaranteed to get in the mood.  Forget oysters and chocolate.  Eat some fruit.
  1. Erotica.  My favorite testosterone enhancer.  Read a stimulating erotic story exploring sexuality…50 Shades of Gray.  Do I need to say more, I think not?
  1. Lotion up.  After a shower, spend some time slowly rubbing in your favorite scented lotion.  An article in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that women who regularly tune in to their senses have more sexual satisfaction.
  1. Wear sexy lingerie all day.  It is a waste to have your beautiful lacy underwear worn only on special occasions, even then they stay on for what, about five or ten minutes.  You need to use them to their fullest potential {wink, wink}.  It’s a turn-on sitting in a meeting knowing you have a naughty little secret under your power-wear.

Working women need love to you.  In order to be successful in every area of your life, feed your true sensual spirit.

Feel free to share you Get in the Mood tricks.

Love Sensually, Safely, Spiritually


About Hollie Sweat

Hollie Sweat is an intimacy consultant, sexual explorer, speaker and writer. She is dedicated to inspiring women to take control of their sensual life by loving themselves unconditionally and letting go of fruitless notions about a woman’s role in the bedroom. Intimacy begins way before you enter the bedroom. In order to reap the benefits of true intimacy women should be open to the possibility of pure ecstasy. Hollie assists women in understanding their bodies’ signals, embracing their inner goddess and living in the moment. She promotes sensual health, movement with or without a partner. The use of props is never a bad thing and intimacy products are her specialty. She believes everyone should love sensually, safely and spiritually. Feel free to visit her website for more information about her services and products

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