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love_hollieInstead of “I love my boyfriend” or “I love my dog,” I had an “I love me” t-shirt.  When I first saw it in the store, I thought it seemed a bit narcissistic, and then I smiled and asked myself “is it true?”  The answer was yes, absolutely.  Why not let the world know.  I loved novelty t-shirts.  Just to give you an example of how much I used to like novelty t-shirts, I had one that said “Dinner, drinks and a movie $200, my shirt off Priceless.”   

Yes, it was a bit immature, but what is life without a few laughs and giggles.  I decided that the “I Love Me” t-shirt had nothing to do with vanity or selfishness.  The message was true.  I liked the way it fit and it looked really cute with my mini skirt and my wedge sandals.    

Now that I have matured and evolved into a very different person, I exchanged my t-shirt for a soulful essence that does not require words.  It’s in my walk, my expression, my interaction with others.  I love me screams through how I carry myself, what I eat, my habits, and my love for everyone and everything.  Loving me means I have the desire and propensity to love.

This has been a transforming and amazing year for me.  I recently assisted an extremely remarkable friend with a couple of intimacy workshops.   I had to do some research because I was in the process of finalizing a collection of erotic short stories.  So my mind set on themes that involved coitus with men and women.  Erotica is not that much different than intimacy, (that’s what I told myself) especially if you look at it in a sort of eccentric kind of way.  However, I had to exclude the presence of a partner and ask myself “what would I want to do if I had to get up close, personal and intimate with myself?” 

Well, in my research I found a study conducted at York University.  It showed that writing yourself a comforting letter every day for a week can make you feel happier for up to six months.  I challenged myself as well as the participants in the workshop to write a love letter to them and if they felt comfortable, share it with the group.  Below is what I came up with:

My darling Hollie, you are talented in so many ways.  Your writing is touching and entertaining.  You have a way of making people feel really good when they are in your presence as well as over the telephone.  You are refreshingly dedicated to making people feel comfortable in their skin.  You are a loving and nurturing mother. You have done a pretty good job of being there for sons openly and non-judgmental. Your love for yourself is intoxicating, I appreciate that you take care of your outer self as well as your inner soul by reading and sharing your knowledge with others. I think it is wonderful that you have embraced your sexuality in such a mature, adventurous and open-minded way. The terrific part of this adventure is that you are passionate about sharing your excitement with other women.  Your enthusiasm keeps me moving and your smile glows like a new moon. 

Love you Sensually, Safely and Spiritually!

I can honestly say that it works.  I love me!  Do you love you?  Share your love letter.

About Hollie Sweat

Hollie Sweat is an intimacy consultant, sexual explorer, speaker and writer. She is dedicated to inspiring women to take control of their sensual life by loving themselves unconditionally and letting go of fruitless notions about a woman’s role in the bedroom. Intimacy begins way before you enter the bedroom. In order to reap the benefits of true intimacy women should be open to the possibility of pure ecstasy. Hollie assists women in understanding their bodies’ signals, embracing their inner goddess and living in the moment. She promotes sensual health, movement with or without a partner. The use of props is never a bad thing and intimacy products are her specialty. She believes everyone should love sensually, safely and spiritually. Feel free to visit her website for more information about her services and products www.holliesweat.com.

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