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anne_wilsonBeing a military wife often means making sacrifices. For Anne Marie, it has meant that she has moved four times since 2011 (which she admits is not a lot compared to other military families). However, the multiple moves have also caused her to place her own career aspirations on hold while she focused on helping her family through the transitions. Although her immediate goals were interrupted, she still managed to earn a Master’s Degree, and she knew it was only a matter of time before she could begin to move ahead professionally according to her plans.

Then other news pre-empted everything. Her young son was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

This devastating diagnosis was Anne Marie’s personal turning point. Her son became her priority as she cared for him and took him to his treatments. His well-being was her highest concern. Instead of working full-time in a traditional office setting, she decided to become a general contractor. In addition, Anne Marie cut her volunteer hours from four days a week to one day a week so that she could spend more time with her son. This arrangement gives her the flexibility that she needs to take of her family and herself at the same time.

Her challenges since 2011 have helped her recognize her inner resources and her ability to be self-reliant personally and professionally. It also helped her recognize an opportunity – to share what she has learned about herself and to encourage others to face life’s unexpected roadblocks with the will and courage to find ways around them.

The one fear that threatened to undermine her determination was how she felt when she first learned her son’s diagnosis. She was completely derailed and was in shock for several weeks. She finally turned to God, the one and only resource who had guided her throughout her life in her daily activities. Anne Marie was not disappointed. She found renewed strength and is forever grateful for His presence and for all of her blessings.

She focused on faith and kept reaching out to God. Miraculously, after one treatment, the swelling was gone. Her son’s treatment progressed, and he is now a survivor of cancer.

The most important lesson that she learned was to trust – to reach out to the Lord with this trust – and to reach out to others for support. She believes that it’s important for people to help each other heal and be grateful for every day. She also learned that “patience” is essential; as is “taking care of yourself,” in order to maintain physical and mental well-being.

Anne Marie’s life has changed. She still does not work on a full-time basis, but her chosen path has allowed her to feel confident – personally and financially.

When asked what peace means to her, Anne Marie replies that peace is with her, even during times of panic. She knows that the “peace of angels” is nearby to help her. To Anne Marie, the answer to finding that peace is to remember to reach out to and trust a higher power in times of crisis.

When Anne Marie wants to rejuvenate her mind, body and soul, she either meditates or goes for walks, practices yoga, exercises, watches comedy, gardens or talks to others going through the same experience.

If she feels that she needs an escape, she spends time away from her family for just a little bit – occasionally reserving a room at a hotel with a spa and pool included, enjoying a manicure, pedicure or massage – any fun activity that helps her reconnect with herself.

Anne Marie has learned to adjust her personal life expectations, and in doing so has found new avenues of fulfillment. She has evaluated her priorities and has discovered success and happiness in so many new ways. By taking care of herself, taking care of her family and trusting God she has found a rewarding personal path.

About Tina Hines

Tina C. Hines is the President and Life Transformation Specialist of For My Sister FriendsTM, a movement for women seeking support as they journey towards inner peace, wholeness and balance in their lives.

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  1. Update on my journey:
    I am in the healing process after taking care of my (oldest) son for the past 8 months who just recently celebrated his 19th birthday. We are truly grateful for the presence of the Lord during his treatment while receiving chemo and other medicine to fight his cancer. Through it all, we are glad that his journey while it seems as if we were in a turmoil, we trust God and he did not let us down. We are now in the recovery stage of his illness which still has us on edge, but we know that we can always call upon the inner peace to get us through each and every day. We are in the process of writing a book so that we can inspire other youths and family to be strong, because that all you can do. The Lord will give you the strength, guidance and peace to make it through the storm. Remain focus on the positive things in life and let it go and let God handle it.

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