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lucille_divineFor years Lucille helped people build their businesses into “overnight successes,” but she was never able do this for herself. She always invested time in other people’s dreams and neglected her own. Her turning point came when she lost a business due to a poor partnership a little more than five years ago. At that time Lucille also realized that she needed to spend more time with her daughters. Her challenge was how to reshape her direction to focus on her own goals and her children’s needs. She decided to no longer invest her energy in someone else’s dreams.

At first she was terrified that she would fail. This fear was fueled by her lack of self-confidence. Even more defeating was the total lack of support from her mother, brother and sister. Finally, Lucille decided that she needed to rely on her own instincts and not rely on validation from anyone else. She sensed that “everyone sits in a cubicle called life,” and if a person “suddenly stands up and decides to make a change,” people will often be surprised and ask, “Who does she think she is, changing the rules around here?” This is exactly how her family reacted when Lucille made her decision to concentrate on her own potential. Fortunately, she had a strong life-partner who stood behind her and helped her move forward.

Lucille’s fear of failure initially manifested into self-doubt; and that self-doubt led to lack of trust in her own abilities. She had to learn how to believe in herself – this took a lot of work, courage and a “ton” of breaking down old patterns and learning new ones. In order to do this, Lucille spent hours studying people like Les Brown, Matt Morris, Jerry Clark, Oprah Winfrey and Napoleon. She listened to and observed leaders she admired and tried to model her behavior after theirs. She also watched YouTube videos featuring Anthony Robbins, Brendan Burchard and others. Sometime she felt that her mind was on “overload,” but she did learn, and that’s what set her free.

When she looks back on this period in her life, the most important lesson that helped her was that “change is choice.” It can be as easy or as painful as you make it. Change also comes with a new set of rules, courage, understanding, letting go, forgiveness, courage, facing fears head-on, moving forward despite that fear and realizing that what you did today you can do again tomorrow. “Reframing also plays a large part in this process – failure, a BIG FAT DOSE of failure. In fact, failing is what makes you become the expert. It paves a way forward for you to decide what’s good and what’s not.”

Lucille’s life has changed in a very positive way, but she still has work to do. She has new goals to achieve and new challenges to address. In reflection, she realizes that she is “supposed to be where she is.” All of her lessons have positioned her to be this person today, this woman of substance and character. Now, whenever she sees or hears about a person going through a tough time, she can relate and can “pick her up and let her know that there is a tomorrow, and that life does not end but is just beginning.” Lucille strongly believes the path that she chose was exactly what she needed to grow into her potential.

When asked what peace means to her, Lucille replied, “Peace means peace of mind, of body and spirit. It means that waking up in the morning and looking at myself, with my scars and extra flab, I am happy inside. I am grateful for everything I have received and will receive from this life.”

When she feels a need to rejuvenate her mind, body and soul, she admits that this is one area that needs more work. She does exercise regularly, but she does not usually pamper herself. She would love to spend time at a spa, relax in the heat of the sun and “laze the day away reading a book.” Unfortunately, she feels that she just doesn’t have the time right now. She has put her business goals, her “precious girls” and her husband as her highest priorities.

However, she does have a favorite escape. She LOVES TO TRAVEL! She loves planning a holiday or a travel event and then going on them. She loves on a vacation with her family and sharing in the rich history of an area. It makes the place come alive for her. She also loves learning about new places and will often venture to new places to satisfy her curiosity.

Lucille is an inspiration for all of us as we try to live our lives in a way that nurtures our dreams, that fulfills our potential and that is in harmony with our inner values.

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Tina C. Hines is the President and Life Transformation Specialist of For My Sister FriendsTM, a movement for women seeking support as they journey towards inner peace, wholeness and balance in their lives.

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