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For My Sister Friends, LLC  strives to educate, empower and enlighten women as they embark on their own personal journeys.


For My Sister Friends, LLC encourages women to realize their passions, achieve their goals, and connect with their true selves.


For My Sister Friends, LLC (FMSF) began as a written expression and inspiration in the blogosphere – of President and Life Transformation Specialist Tina C. Hines. Tina recognized that there are women everywhere who are seeking an atmosphere where they can relax, release, rejuvenate and relate to other women who are facing similar challenges.

Initially created as a book club in 2008, FMSF transitioned to gatherings in Tina’s home with discussions on family, careers, and a variety of other topics that were often not on the agenda.  The transformation from written expression to book club discussions made Tina realize that there is a critical need for an informal mental health-based support group.  Tina’s personal experiences with friends and family proved that we do not talk with our family or friends about everything and shun away from therapy either due to the lack of healthcare insurance or stigma towards labeling of being “crazy.” For My Sister Friends is an alternative to therapy, and in essence an “inspirational sisterhood.”

For My Sister Friends provides women with a safe environment to let their guard down and share their challenges and receive support when needed. Our goal is to assist in improving the lives of the women who may walk in the darkness and need to be guided toward light. One of Tina’s favorite quotes is “When you feel good internally, it is exuded externally. No make-up required.”

Ladies, will you join your sister friends on this journey? Click here to become a sister friend and join others who are making a transformation. Be Inspired and Inspire Someone!

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