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The Journey to Happiness – Final Post

We have enjoyed J.T. Barber’s Journey to Happiness. J.T. Barber invited us on a journey to find, “PURPOSE, COURAGE, PERSPECTIVE, INNER PEACE and STRENGTH.” I hope throughout her weekly posts you received a message that inspired you to consistently show gratitude towards others and yourself. Gratification can bring joy to someone who is feeling down and it will lift your spirit knowing you contributed to their happiness. Although the Journey to Happiness blog has ended, recognize that your journey has just begun. There are so many positive things in the world for you to experience; things that will make every step of your journey worthwhile. Be inspired to keep moving forward and remember your sister friends always have you by the hand. If you enjoyed the Journey to Happiness, I am sure you will enjoy J.T. Barber’s Reflections of a Whisper. Reflections of a Whisper is a thrilling journey that will lure you into a tale of secrets, love, […]

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The Journey to Happiness – The Celebration

The Journey to Happiness - The Celebration

 The Celebration It’s a GREAT Day!! TODAY is the first day of the rest of my life! This morning met me with light, love and laughter. I intend to enjoy this Monday with my heart set to GRATITUDE. Thank you all for joining me on this journey. Together, we seek to find PURPOSE, COURAGE, PERSPECTIVE, INNER PEACE & STRENGTH. I BELIEVE that we can do it! Family…I am still riding high from last week’s, “The Ceremony”. If you missed it, click the link to catch it. I was inspired by the title of the latest Tina C. Hines workshop, “You Can’t Move On Until You Bury Some Things.” (For more information, please visit www.tinachines.com) The title is a message within itself. Last week, we discussed exactly how to bury those things. But once “The Ceremony” is all over, it’s time to party! Take this time to CELEBRATE the ‘new’ you. Think about where you were when […]

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The Journey to Happiness – The Ceremony

The Journey to Happiness - The Ceremony

It’s a GREAT Day!! It is a brand new day. I intend to enjoy it as if it’s my first. With excitement and joy in my heart, I will create a masterpiece. I BELIEVE that I will enjoy a life of PURPOSE and PEACE. I BELIEVE that my new PERSPECTIVE on life assures me that my best is yet to come. I BELIEVE that the shedding of my fears has enhanced my COURAGE to approach my dreams with vigor. I also BELIEVE this will happen for you! Last week, in our continued discussion of BEING PRESENT RIGHT NOW, we discussed some of the tools needed on our ‘Journey to HAPPINESS’. We acknowledge our destination and our length of travel. We determine our best route and maybe length of time by our map. Our compass helps us to recognize our actual location in reference to where we would like to go. And gratitude makes it easier to change […]

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The Journey To Happiness – The Gift

The Journey To Happiness - The Gift

It’s a GREAT Day!! It really is. This day offers me the opportunity to receive my heart’s desires. I breathe with anticipation in my heart for the very BEST. I can possess it because I claimed it! Family, we are consistently moving forward on our ‘Journey to HAPPINESS’. Whether you have been with us since “The Invitation” or just joining us today, my hope is that somewhere within these words you find exactly what you are looking for. I am ever so THANKFUL for you all. May we continue to be motivated to seek out PURPOSE, COURAGE, PERSPECTIVE, INNER PEACE, & STRENGTH.  Last week, in “The Reception”, we discussed how people, places, and things in our environment affect us in a powerful way. We also discussed “BEING PRESENT”. What do we see when we really take the time to analyze our life? Do we like what we see? How can we counteract it, if we don’t? In “The Present”, […]

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Journey To Happiness – The Reception

Journey To Happiness - The Reception

It’s a GREAT day! Aren’t you glad that we made it to another day? It is my hope that we have all enjoyed the holiday weekend. We have made good use of our family time and honoring those who have served, past and present, to protect our very freedoms. Just as they have journeyed for us, we journey to be able to enjoy those freedoms: life, liberty and the pursuit of HAPPINESS. It is my sincere wish that on this journey, we find PURPOSE, COURAGE, PERSPECTIVE, INNER PEACE, & STRENGTH. Last week, in “The Antidote”, we discussed looking at life and our state of affairs through a lens of TRUTH and HONESTY. We also discussed casting aside years of layered lies for a true remedy to our unresolved circumstances. And we proclaimed that our past is not our future, but the BEST is yet to come! This week, I would like to bring to your attention something […]

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