Free Woman by Alma Laughlin-Warren

Free Woman by Alma Laughlin-Warren

FREE WOMAN Come closer. Look at me. What do you see? Look in my eyes and they wander aimlessly. Afraid to make eye contact. Afraid that you know, the things I once did, the places I’d go. Look at me now. Watch my feet move. Stepping out of abuse and ridicule. Step over concern of my tainted past, and into peace and freedom at last. Watch my hand when I brush my hair back, away from my eyes no longer fearing attack. I’ve stopped tugging at my skirt to keep it lowered down. I’ve stopped sitting in the back, to avoid the sneers and the frowns. Look at my children. They’re bright and bold? Embracing the warmth of a mother once cold. Come close. Look at me, no longer ashamed. A back once bet is now free of pain. When I walk I don’t tip toe to avoid abuse. My […]

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