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Share Your Story – Wendy Doherty

Share Your Story - Wendy Doherty

Wendy was diagnosed with breast cancer, Stage 0, DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) on July 31, 2012. This news completely blindsided her. There was no history of breast cancer in her family, and she had never neglected her annual mammogram. However, this time her mammogram showed something different. Her carcinoma was detected early via digitalized films. Her immediate fear was suddenly facing her own mortality. It paralyzed her and limited her from doing what normally brought her pleasure. All she wanted to do was sit and keep vigil, waiting to see what was going to happen next.  It was exhausting and impacted many facets of Wendy’s life. To overcome this challenge, she forced herself to step outside of her comfort zone. She knew that if she did, stagnation would eventually cause her emotional death. Stepping outside of her comfort zone turned out to be empowering and helped her discover her […]

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Share Your Story – ShaChena Gibbs

Share Your Story - ShaChena Gibbs

Life challenges often come at unexpected times, and sometimes they cluster together, making it difficult to face each one with a clear mind. While ShaChena was excitedly growing her business, her oldest daughter was going through a difficult period. For many years she had been “getting into trouble,” but they seemed to peak at the very time that ShaChena was celebrating her business’s success. ShaChena felt exhilarated by her own achievements, but this euphoria was undermined by her anguish for her daughter. She began to feel helpless and depressed, fearing that she had failed as a mother and that she had not been able to help her daughter navigate through the complexities of growing up. Shachena sought counseling with her daughter and other means to repair their relationship. Unfortunately, her daughter would not cooperate. ShaChena continued to seek help as she tried to understand why her daughter was so troubled. […]

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Share Your Story – IIesha Graham

Share Your Story - IIesha Graham

Living in a household where both of her parents were addicted to crack cocaine, Ilesha lived in a volatile and abusive atmosphere. It was a dysfunctional home at the highest level. Driven by prolonged and progressive abuse, Ilesha finally turned to the streets. She was homeless at 16, ran with gangs at 18 and was a single mother on welfare at 20. She felt defeated, depressed and rejected. Life seemed hopeless. The turning point in her life came when her daughter was three years old. As her toddler was developing her own perception of her surroundings, Ilesha realized how her choices were affecting her child’s young life. She began to envision the life that she wanted for her little girl and what it would take for her to provide it. Ilesha decided to put her life together by rebuilding her foundation and restoring her faith. However, she realized that she […]

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Share Your Story – Carrie Strimel

Share Your Story – Carrie Strimel

Conceiving a child, bearing a child, raising a child…every woman who has been blessed with this experience knows that it is a glorious and exciting journey. But Carrie’s beautiful daughter was born with a rare genetic disorder, and caring for her carried the complex dichotomy of potentially overwhelming challenges and incredible rewards. The intensity of her responsibilities was not lost on Carrie, and she soon found that in order to be strong for her daughter, she needed something to balance this intensity, something that was uniquely hers. Carrie had been an avid entrepreneur before her daughter’s birth, and she felt the need to get back to that somehow. She founded her own company and is now balancing her daughter’s care with her work. It hasn’t been easy…some days are better than others…but she is continually striving to learn and improve herself. The turning point that inspired her to take on […]

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Share Your Story – Dr. Venus Opal Reese

Share Your Story - Dr. Venus Opal Reese

We are receiving several inspiring stories from our sister friends. Our next compelling story takes you from the streets to Stanford. Dr. Venus Opal Reese encountered many challenges in her life but today she is the epitome of a success story. We know that many of you have stories of triumph as well, and we look forward to hearing from you! To be forced to live on the streets at 16 is a situation no teenager should face, but it was reality for Venus. Although many teenagers have difficulty transitioning into adulthood and it’s not unusual for parents and teens to be in conflict, Venus was literally put out of her home by her mother and forced to live in a world of drugs, prostitution, violence and addiction. She was frightened…frightened of the police, of the drug culture, of the cold. Fear led Venus to feel worthless and give up […]

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