Single and Happy

Single and Happy – Single, Happy and Wanted

Single and Happy - Single, Happy and Wanted

Ladies, as single and happy as we are, it’s okay to want to be wanted. For years we have tried to tell ourselves that we look desperate, need to “love you first” or blurted some other half-ass-ness that keeps up in a shell and overstaying our single shelf life. So consider this your official okay to go’on and embrace your need to feel wanted. …because the next chick already got the memo. * sucks teeth * Imagine hearing two years later, the man you desired…your man, got you all Heather Headley’d (who sang her heart out on “In My Mind”) or even worse, Jill Scott’d (who sang “My Love”, even though she though she had a piece of a man — but the feeling wasn’t quite mutual) or even more worse, your life soundtrack suddenly got Vesta Williams’d (the late, great songstress who belted “Congratulations” back in the 80s). You’re […]

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Single and Happy – Single, Happy and Motherly

Single and Happy - Single, Happy and Motherly

© 2011-2012 Chocolate Aquarius In a battle between tears and sternness, both parties fought hard for seven days. Yesterday (Friday) at approximately 9:30 EST, the tears won. As I remembered the victims of the Connecticut shooting in a moment of silence there was nothing I could do to stop crying. Delayed action? Perhaps; who wants to believe such an act of selfishness could happen in real life — less than two weeks before Christmas and a week before schools close for the break? Yes, we are in the last days (insert Mayans joke of choice here…I’m exhausted from reading them on Facebook) and the Good Book warns that our days will be filled with “terrible times” (2 Timothy 3:1). But…another school shooting? The momma bear in me wants to hug every child she can get her claws on, especially my own baby. Forget a date night. Been on strike since […]

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Single and Happy – Single, Happy and Socked

Single and Happy - Single, Happy and Socked

© 2011-2012 Chocolate Aquarius If you’re looking for one more reason to be single and happy, especially during this time of warm, snuggle-filled boo’ism: mismatched socks have the answer. Now, this might need to be filed under “maybe it’s just me” but have you ever rocked a pair of mismatches and get the WTF looks? As if you don’t know you’re wearing the “wrong” socks? Like, “what are ya doing?” Well, I used to get that reaction. These days in my singledom, I don’t. For some it is just another pointless thing to be annoyed about with your mate or yourself – depending on how you look at the feet. I am quite certain the OCD crew will be pulling out the thread in one of a matchy-matchy pair as I type! It’s also one more reason I’m thankful for being single and happy. The sole protectors has proven just […]

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Single and Happy – Single, Happy and Decisive

Single and Happy - Single, Happy and Decisive

Ever saw a person going nowhere fast? Because she refuses to make a choice my friend is about to give up her beautiful home and remain in an arrangement with some guy who treats her like gum stuck on a shoe. Sure, it’s her business if she wants to be treated as said gum…I know…not my business. Even though she talks about it with me and several others, every time we’re together. Still not my concern though, yes? But when is enough, enough already? The phrase “it is what it is” doesn’t apply to everything in life. Bad hair days? Sure. Giving up your house and staying in a piss-poor relationship? Heck no. Yet, here she is, with old what’s-his-name, packing boxes and downsizing into an apartment because she allowed him to make the decisions. Team Single, put your hands up! Thank God for deliverance. Now this has nothing to do with standing behind your mate. […]

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Single and Happy – Single, Happy and Responsible

Single and Happy - Single, Happy and Responsible

© 2011-2012 Chocolate Aquarius Hurricane Sandy turned the Northeastern United States into a Venetian village without gondolas, and berets, yet I am the one taking days off from work this week. And at right now, at exactly 3:33 am, I am paying for it. The story of my life as of late, includes procrastination and… I’ll find another adjective later. Wow; it’s as if I am being double-dared to drink Merlot without and take in Blaxploitation without blinking. Being tipsy and learning how to manage some, uh “professionals” (I still can’t bring myself to calling ’em b-words, although The Mack is just a movie!) is probably useful somewhere in another life, but not here in this new go-getter lifestyle neatly carved out and crafted in less than two years. I am soon reminded of a speaker-and-trainer Facebook friend of mine, Kevin who says that serving a God I claim to […]

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